A-Stat Office Technology Ltd: Proudly Supporting Wednesfield Wolves FC

In an exciting development for both Wolverhampton and the football community, A-Stat Office Technology Ltd has stepped up to the plate as the new proud shirt sponsor of Wednesfield Wolves FC. This partnership represents more than just a corporate sponsorship; it's a testament to the deep-rooted pride the company takes in its Wolverhampton heritage and its commitment to supporting local talent and community endeavors.

Local Roots, Global Ambitions:

A-Stat Office Technology Ltd, a Wolverhampton-based company with a global vision, has been a leading provider of office technology solutions for over two decades. Despite its national reach, the company has never forgotten its roots. Wolverhampton has played a pivotal role in its growth and success, and now, A-Stat is giving back to the community that nurtured it.

Supporting Local Talent:

The decision to sponsor Wednesfield Wolves FC is more than just a marketing strategy for A-Stat Office Technology Ltd. It's a way of investing in local talent and helping the community flourish. The Wednesfield Wolves have a rich history and a dedicated fan base, and this sponsorship demonstrates A-Stat's commitment to nurturing the sporting talent that Wolverhampton has to offer.

Community Engagement:

A-Stat Office Technology Ltd understands that a thriving community goes beyond business success. It recognizes that supporting local initiatives like Wednesfield Wolves FC is a way to foster community spirit and bring people together. The company is proud to be associated with the Wednesfield Wolves, contributing to the vibrancy of Wolverhampton.

Shared Values:

The partnership between A-Stat and Wednesfield Wolves FC goes beyond branding. It's rooted in shared values of dedication, hard work, and determination. Just as A-Stat strives for excellence in the office technology sector, the Wednesfield Wolves pursue excellence on the football pitch. Together, they aim to inspire the community to strive for greatness in their respective endeavours.

A Winning Combination:

A-Stat's logo emblazoned on the Wednesfield Wolves' jerseys is a symbol of this winning partnership. It represents the fusion of corporate responsibility, community engagement, and a shared passion for success. As A-Stat and the Wolves work together, they create an environment where dreams are pursued and victories celebrated.


A-Stat Office Technology Ltd's sponsorship of Wednesfield Wolves FC isn't just about being a logo on a shirt; it's about being part of the Wolverhampton community, celebrating local talent, and fostering a sense of pride in one's roots. A-Stat is proud to be from Wolverhampton, and it's equally proud to support a local team that embodies the spirit of determination and excellence that defines the city. This partnership is a testament to what can be achieved when a business cares deeply about its community, and together, they're bound for success on and off the pitch.