Print Audit

Print Audit

Print auditing enables you to identify which of the devices in your organisation are the cheapest to use – and also those which are the most expensive. Our audit will provide you with a true and accurate record of what your printing really costs you!

Once in possession of this information you can:

  • Reduce paper wastage
  • Minimise cost per page and toner consumption
  • Track and monitor office printing activity
  • Control your environmental impact
  • Save energy
  • Manage and reduce costs

Our print audit will allow you to save time and reduce overheads by managing the print throughput within your business. We will work with you to implement an effective printing strategy – seamlessly, painlessly and with limited disruption to the office environment. You will be able to gain control, limit print and copy output, restrict expensive colour output and direct print jobs to the most cost effective devices.

Print Audit and the Environment

It is a universally recognised fact that printing has a detrimental impact on the environment. A properly conducted Print audit will assist your organisation to reduce its carbon footprint by limiting the amount of consumables and energy used.

Follow-Me Print and proximity cards

Here at A-Stat we are enthusiastic advocates of Follow-Me print solutions. You can track who has printed which documents and control unauthorised usage.

By issuing staff or pupils with proximity cards you will be able you to:

  • Track who is printing what.
  • Restrict access to sensitive documents.
  • Bar users from printing to expensive devices
  • Create cost ceilings to prevent excessive print spends.
  • Monitor print costs and apportion usage to individuals and departments

The Bottom Line

The implementation of a print audit and Follow-Me printing solution is designed to maximise your cost savings and reduce your organisations environmental impact. We can work with you to formulate a proposal which is designed to manage your print traffic and achieve your goals.

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