Toshiba, in partnership with carbon offsetting experts CO2balance, have created a carbon offsetting scheme to combat CO2 emissions through the offsetting of all products from procurement to delivery and beyond.

Carbon offsetting allows for the investment in projects that save the emission of, or absorb an equivalent amount of CO2 to that of any Toshiba product’s footprint.

Through this process emissions are balanced to become ‘Carbon Zero’ which allows for positive business activities with no detrimental effect to the environment.

Toshiba has a long history of innovation including environmental awareness with all of its products. However, there are always some unavoidable carbon emissions from the manufacture and operation of its products.

The Carbon Zero scheme seeks to minimize the lasting impact of its products as well as to provide support to communities in developing countries.

The projects they support include the supply of energy saving cook stoves to villages in Kenya, reforestation of mangrove forests in Kenya, renovation of boreholes in Uganda, and protection of 71,714 hectares of Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

These projects not only reduce carbon emissions but also enhance the quality of life for its recipients.

Toshiba's Carbon Zero Scheme